Saturday, February 07, 2004

On Tuesday, February 3, 2004, I went to work as usually ready to start another work week. When I open the door to my work area, the first thing that I notice was my computer was gone.

When my supervisor arrived she told me that I was promoted, I was no longer the data entry/receptionist. I was now Program Associate and Data Entry Clerk. I am now moved to a new office that I share with two other co-workers. I have my own work space now and my own telephone with a private voice mail.

When you work in the reception area everything is not yours from the telephone, stapler, tape, pens etc. People go on your desk every day, sometimes people don't even ask to use your desk they just do. Now I have a work area that I can lock up at night and not worry about anyone taking my things.

I am happy now I don't have to deal with all the staff every day. I can focus on my data entry and meet all of my deadlines.

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