Saturday, April 10, 2004

This week was very productive. I had Monday, Thursday and Friday off. I was able to finish one of my paper for the Managing Change Class.

I am almost finish with the Constructive Action VI. I am looking forward to a new semester.

I had a lot of challenges at work last week, my Supervisor which is the Director of the Central Harlem Healthy Start Program was working on the continuence with the grant. She had alot of tables to put into the grant. Her Program Assistant did not know how to input of all of the tables or cut and paste, which I felt was not a hard thing to do, so she didn't have the time to work with her on it, so she ask me to do it and I did it. She wasn't aware of my many talents on the computer, this made me shine. She give me alot of praises and she even went as far as giving me an extra day off with pay. She was very disappointed in her program assistant whom should have the skills that she expected her to have but found out when it was crunch time, she was not able to do the work. I can use this when I am ready to ask for a raise. I have been always looked at as Just a Receptionist or Just a Data Entry Clerk. Now I am getting the recogniction that I have always wanted a chance to show case what I am about and also to show what I am capable of doing. I had to pat my own self on the back this week. I need to do it more often.

Looking forward to another productive week, next week. I will be working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only so I will have time to prepare for the finals and finish my papers.

Eula Mae

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